List of flag names

This list is incomplete; you can help by adding missing items. (November 2012)

This is an incomplete list of the names and nicknames 22 of flags, organized in alphabetical order by flag name. Very few flags have any truly official names, but some unofficial names are so widely used that they are accepted as a flag's universal name.


  •  A Auriverde ("The Gold and Green"), Brazil
  •  Aappalaartoq ("The red"), Greenland
  •  Al-Adaam ("Support flag"), Qatar
  •  Alam Baladii ("My country's flag"), Kuwait
  •  Alay Rengîn ("Colourful flag"), Iraqi Kurdistan
  •  Albayrak ("Red Flag"), Turkey
  •  Alsancak ("Holy Red Standard"), Turkey
  •  Ay Yıldız ("Crescent Star"), Turkey
  •  La Albiceleste or La Celeste y Blanca ("The white and light blue one"), Argentina
  •  A'najmataynee ("The Two Stars"), Syria


  •  Bandeira Auriverde ("Gold and green flag"), Brazil
  •  Bandeira das Quinas ("Flag of the quinas", the five blue shields of the Portuguese arms), Portugal
  •  Bandeira Verde-Rubra ("Green-Red Flag"), Portugal
  •  Baner Dewi Sant ("Flag of Saint David"), Wales (unofficial flag)
  •  Baner Peran ("St. Piran's flag"), Cornwall
  •  Bear Flag, California
  •  Bendera Merah-Putih ("Red-White Flag"), Indonesia
  •  Betsy Ross Flag, United States
  •  Bhagwa ("The Saffron Banner"), Flag of the Hindus and former flag of the Maratha Empire
  •  Biało-Czerwona ("White-Red"), Poland
  •  Bieł-Čyrvona-Bieły ("White-Red-White"), former flag of Belarus
  •  Bindenschild, Austria
  •  Blood-Stained Banner, Confederate States
  •  Bo Najma w Hlal ("Flag of the Star and the Crescent"), Libya
  • Bonnie Blue Flag, official flag of the now-defunct Republic of West Florida, also used in some places as an unofficial banner of the Confederate States.
  •  Bosanski Ljiljan ("Bosnian lily"), former flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  •  Bratach-Croise ("Saltire"), Scotland
  •  The Broken Trident, Barbados
  •  Bundesflagge ("Federal Flag"), Germany, official designation
  •  Български трикольор/Balgarski Trikolyor ("Bulgarian Three Colors"), Bulgaria


  •  La Celeste ("The light blue one"), Uruguay
  •  Commonwealth Blue Ensign, Australia
  •  Crois Naomh Anndra ("St. Andrew's Cross"), Scotland
  •  Cờ đỏ sao vàng ("Red Flag and Yellow Star"), Vietnam
  •  Cờ tổ quốc ("Flag of Fatherland"), Vietnam
  •  Crotz occitana ("Occitan cross"), Occitania
  •  Circle of Stars, European Union and the Council of Europe


  •  Dannebrog ("Danish cloth"), Denmark[1]
  •  Derti ("My Nation/Land"), Kuwait


  •  Erfalasorput ("Our flag"), Greenland
  •  La Estrella Solitaria ("The Lone Star"), Chile,
  •  La Estrella Solitaria ("The Lone Star"), Cuba
  •  Estelada blava ("Blue-Starred Flag"), Catalan separatism
  •  Eureka Flag, Australia


  •  Five Coloured Flag, Jain flag
  •  Fleurdelisé ("Fleur-de-lis-y"), Quebec


  •  Galanolefki ("Light blue and white"), Greece
  •  Golden Arrowhead, Guyana
  •  Gwenn-ha-du ("White and black"), Brittany
  •  Grand Ol' Flag, United States
  •  Grand Union Flag, United States


  •  Hinomaru 日の丸 ("Sun disc"), Japan (national flag and naval flag)
  •  Hvítbláinn ("The White-blue"), a flag proposal which was used but never became official, Iceland


  •  Jackson Flag, Confederate States
  •  Jalur Gemilang ("Stripes of Glory"), Malaysia
  •  Jefferson Seal Flag, Jefferson (proposed U.S. state)


  • Kanaka Maoli ("True People"), Hawaii (alternative flag)
  • Kaponga (silver fern), New Zealand (unofficial, widely used)
  •  Khanjar Oo Sayfain ("Dagger and two swords"), Oman
  •  Khutjvriani Drosha ("Five-cross flag"), Georgia
  •  Kök Bayraq ("Blue Banner"), East Turkestan
  •  Flag of Kenya ("Black, white, red, white, green and a shield with two arrows"), Kenya


  •  Lal-Sobuj ("Red & green"), Bangladesh
  • Leòmhann na h-Alba ("Lion Rampant"), Scotland
  •  Lone Star Flag, Texas
  •  Lion Flag, Sri Lanka


  •  Maple Leaf or l'Unifolié, Canada
  •  Merkið ("The Banner"), Faroe Islands
  •  Merah-Putih ("Red and White"), Indonesia



  •  Old Glory, United States


  •  Pahāḍa ("Mountain"), Nepal
  •  Parchem e Sitāra o Hilāl ("Flag of the Star and the Crescent"), Pakistan
  • Prinsenvlag ("Prince's flag"), Netherlands (historical)
  •  Piros-fehér-zöld ("Red-White-Green"), Hungary
  •  Pambansang Watawat ("National Flag"), Philippines



  •  The Rainbow Flag, Unity Flag, or Interim Flag (all unofficial), South Africa
  • Rainbow flag, there are several independent rainbow flags in use today, the most widely known worldwide is the pride flag representing gay pride, while the peace flag is especially popular in Italy and the cooperative flag symbolizes the international co-operative movement.
  •  Red, White and Blue, United States
  •  Ramhongsaek Konghwagukgi ("Indigo and Red Flag of the Republic"), North Korea
  •  Red Ensign or Red Duster, the civil ensign of the United Kingdom
  •  Reial senyera ("Royal flag"), Valencia
  •  Российский триколор (Rosiiski Trikolor) ("Russian Three Colours"), Russia
  •  Rojigualda ("Red-weld"), Spain
  •  Rot-Weiss-Rot ("Red-white-red"), Austria
  •  De Roude Léiw ("Red Lion"), civil ensign of Luxembourg
  •  Ручнік (Ručnik), Belarus
  •  Rødt, hvitt og blått (Red, white and blue), Norway


  •  Sabz Hilāli Parchem ("Green Flag with Crescent"), Pakistan
  •  Saint Andrew's Cross or The Saltire, Scotland
  • Saint George's Cross, England
  •  San Paul's Flag, Devon
  •  Sam Si ("Tricolor"), Laos
  •  Sarkanbaltsarkanais karogs ("Red-white-red flag"), Latvia
  •  Sang Saka Merah Putih ("The Red White Heritage"), Indonesia
  •  Ѕвездата од Кутлеш ("Sun of Kutleš'), Republic of Macedonia (historical flag)
  •  Schwarz-Rot-Gold ("Black-red-gold"), Germany
  • Schwarz-Weiß-Rot ("Black-white-red"), German Empire
  •  Seh-ye Rang-ye Beyraq ('"Tricolor"), Iran
  •  Senyera, Alghero and Catalonia
  •  Shir-o-Khorshid ('The lion and the sun"), Iran (historical flag)
  •  Shqiponja Dykrenare ("The two-headed eagle"), Albania
  •  Sinimustvalge ("Blue-black-white"), Estonia
  •  Siniristilippu ("Blue Cross Flag"), Finland
  •  Sinha Flag ("Lion Flag"), Sri Lanka
  •  Snow lion flag, Tibet
  •  Southern Cross, Confederate States (other meanings)
  •  Southern Cross Flag, Australia
  •  Southern Cross Flag, New Zealand
  •  Stainless Banner, Confederate States
  •  Stars and Bars, Confederate States
  •  Stars and Stripes, United States
  •  Star-Spangled Banner,[a] United States


  •  Taegeukgi, South Korea
  •  Tatlong Bituin at Isang Araw ("Three Stars and a Sun"), Philippines
  • Al Tawheed/Shahada, Saudi Arabia
  •  Tino, Tino Rangatiratanga ("Absolute Sovereignty"), national Māori flag
  •  Tiranga ("The Tricolour"), India
  •  Tjúgufáni, state flag of Iceland
  •  Trairong ("Tricolour"), Thailand
  •  Tree Cassyn Vannin ("Three Legs of Mann"), Isle of Man
  • Tricolor or similar, a term for several national flags which are tribands or tricolours:
    •  La Tricolor ("The Tricolor"), Bolivia
    •  El Tricolor Nacional ("The National Tricolor"), Colombia
    •  La Tricolor, Costa Rica
    •  Trobojnica ("The Tricolor"), Croatia
    •  La Tricolor, Ecuador
    •  Tricolor Nacional ("National Tricolour"), Venezuela
    •  La Tricolor, Second Spanish Republic (historical)
    •  Drapeau Tricolore ("Tricolour Flag"), France
    •  Il Tricolore, Italy
    •  Tricolorul, Romania
    •  Триколор (Trikolor), Russia
    •  Тробојка / Trobojka, Serbia
  •  Trídhathach na hÉireann ("Irish tricolour"), Ireland
  •  Trinacria, Sicily
  •  Trispalvė ("Tricolor"), Lithuania
  •  True South, Antarctica



  • Wiphala, a flag representing the native peoples of the Andes and the co-official flag of Bolivia
  •  五星红旗 (Wǔ Xīng Hóng Qí) ("Five-Starred Red Flag"), People's Republic of China


  •  Y Ddraig Goch ("The Red Dragon"), Wales
  •  Եռագույն (Yerakooyn) ("Tricolour"), Armenia


  •  жовто-блакитний (прапор) (Zhovto-blakytnyy [prapor]) ("Yellow-blue [flag]"), Ukraine


  1. ^ Originally referred to the version of the U.S. flag in use from 1795 to 1818; now often used to refer to all U.S. flags.
  2. ^ Called the "Royal Union Flag" in Canada, a former colony of the United Kingdom and current Dominion.


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